Facilitating low cost to-the-point aviation compliance training, as shared by experts and trainers via IPACT platform.

Introduction IPACT

For Professionals and Customers

Low cost aviation compliance trainings via the IPACT platform. 

    • Supplementary modules; pay only for the desired modules (€ 19,90-29,90)
    • Compliance, practicable and short-to-the point.
    • Anywhere, anytime available modules.

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For registered Trainers and SME’s

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IPACT method

IPACT method

Experts and trainers are the central focal point; they have the knowledge; they know whom to address. IPACT facilitates, stimulates, provides guidance and assures the required standard. The e- platform supports the whole.

This cost-effective modern approach enables short lines between experts and trainers and trainees, whilst benefitting from all that IPACT offers. That avoids the traditional large overhead costs.

Low costs for customers;  increased rewards for trainers: How?

Lower costs for customers and at the same time increase the renumeration for course developers, trainers and SME’s to a reasonable and fair level is achieved through IPACT. How? in short:

  • Considerable cost savings: up to 85%;  
  • Focus on training effectiveness;
  • Enable students/participants to continue with their normal jobs.

Considerable cost savings are  made possible by a combination of  high volumes,  e-learning, no business travels to training locations and  by avoiding the (large) overhead costs of training organisations. 

 Effective training. IPACT stimulates international experts to deliver short, relevant, to-the-point e-modules.  Modules aim to effectively provide participants the required knowledge or skills on what is essential to stay (become) compliant. A module takes 10-20 minutes, is available, anywhere at anytime and is designed for computer, tablet or smartphones. 

Save time. The design of the IPACT modules enable that they are taken during non-productive moments. That avoids the need to spend hours/days behind a computer desk and consequently not being able to do the normal job.  

 Basically: Savings & efficiency gains by a smarter method. 

Experts & Trainers

You are the specialist, your knowledge and skills might be beneficial for others. You know the content and whom to address. Therefore your are the focus of this platform for Subject Matter Expert (SME) and trainers.

Who can register as SME / Trainer?

All types of experts, specialists, trainers or instructors are invited to submit proposals for aviation compliance training. All levels are invited, none exempted. This mainly relates to your target audience. So if you are a SME with specific skills, or at a certain subject, or if you are a trainer or instructor: You are all invited to use platform.

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Key requirement for proposals

Any aviation related subject that might be beneficial for a specific target group is in principle acceptable for submission. Key requirement is that the proposal has an added value for the target audience.

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Modules & Courses

Courses, modules, shared information, etc, have been divided in three groups:

These modules are ready to be used.

Open to public/ customers

These modules are currently in development, expected to be published.

These modules are in an acceptance process.

Open to trainers /SME

Propose a topic

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March 2021