Wildlife Hazard Management


The WHM course consists of 6 separate modules ensuring compliance with ICAO Doc 9137 wildlife training requirements.


  • Subscription to single WHM module certificates is possible. The regular subscription fee per module certificate per person is € 24,90.
  • Discounts
    • 15% discount for all 6 module certificates (complete course):
    • 15% discount for more than 5 persons.
    • 15% discount for WBA members.
    • Discounts are additive. (For example: a company being a WBA member and subscribing 8 person for the complete course will enjoy a 39% discount).
  • In principle do you pay for the number of certificates. (e.g. 8 certificates for your WHM staff).

* Ready available modules

** Available on request (optimisation in process)


Module 0: Introduction (complementary)

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Module 1: WHM rules and regulations **

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Module 2: Ecology **

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Module 3: Monitoring **

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Module 4: Preventive measures **

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Module 5: Active control **

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Module 6: WHM management plan **

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