What is IPACT?

Why a trainers platform?

Reducing training costs has become even more essential than ever. To keep the staff compliant, a shift from classroom to e-type-training is the future for a number of topics.

Many experts, specialised on various topics, who could bring valuable information to targeted audiences exist somewhere potentially anonymous. The question is: How can these experts be reached, how can their information be coordinated and structured, becoming valuable and helpful? …… and commercially become interesting?

What is IPACT?

IPACT is a platform for experts, trainers, specialists, instructors etc. aiming to provide short-to-the-point structured courses, trainings and information. IPACT offers the opportunity for trainers and experts on a specific subject a low-cost alternative for traditional classroom or conference trainings.

IPACT delivers as such standardised high-quality cost-effective web-based training. This includes, but are not limited to, a mix of passive learning modules, computer-based training and interactive webinars. IPACT ensures that the training methodology is compliant with relevant regulations (EU/EASA, FAA, ICAO, etc) through its review expert panel. The platform is aimed at aviation trainers /SMEs world-wide. It increases their network, enabling to reach a much larger audience than traditional classroom training would.

Key Features

  • Platform for trainers and SME’s
  • Courses, Modules etc. available for customers via web based platform
  • Aviation compliance orientated
  • Very competitive rates
  • Attractive and fair rewards


It is our ambition to stimulate connection with other platforms and organisations next to a steady growth of trainers and SME’s enabling a comprehensive portfolio.

Added value

IPACT focusses on the trainers / experts and has confidence in their expertise. They generally know the best what information is needed and for whom . Together these experts have a wealth of information. However they also can be competitors, leaving potential market potentials untouched. IPACT opens these by its collaborating rather than competing approach. The joined network through IPACT enables reaching a larger audience and as such rise potential profits for the trainer / expert.