SME / Trainer benefits


IPACT envisions fair and realistic benefits for all contributing to this initiative. Since the focus is on high quality content and state-of-the-art training products, it is only fair that the developers / trainers will enjoy the major benefits.

Our aim is to enlarge the total market potential in a joined cooperation instead of inter trainer competition.

Since aviation is facing unsurmounted challenges (financial as well as environmental) and is heavy regulated, is the need for low cost trainings to stay compliant is growing. “Is it therefore not better to profit from the fruits of working together and increase the joined market-potential, rather than bearing the burdens of competition?”

Your benefits

  1. Increased sales opportunity.
    • Growing network for your training product.
    • World-wide connectivity through all IPACT joined trainers/experts.
    • Like-it & Share-it principle (increase network via social media).
  2. Clear and a fair project-based contract.
    • The Intellectual Property of your product remains with you (and thus not to a training organization).
    • Focus on synergetic opportunities for mutual benefit
    • You’ll profit directly and generously from each of your modules / courses sold.
  3. Your product is elevated to IPACT standards.
    • Trainings are protected from unauthorised copying.
    • Support to improve trainer skills.
    • As SME or trainer you might be invited as peer to join the review team.

What is expected from you

  • Identify your target audience for marketing your IPACT training / module.
  • Sign the NDA and contract.
  • Develop and provide the training / information.
  • Commit to a continuous improvement process.
  • Promote the training modules also of other IPACT colleague SMEs/Trainers.
  • Like-it & Share-it principle (increase network).

Your renumeration:

The distribution of the gross profit of a course / module is as follows:

  1. Contracted SME / Trainer: 60% (those who factually developed and provided the training.
  2. Contracted Reviewer 20% (those who have guided and reviewed the training).
  3. IPACT 20% (product development, financial risk management and sales).

Remark: Gross profit is revenue minus the cost of goods sold (COGS), which are the direct costs attributable to the production of the goods sold.

We estimate the COGS initially at 33% (tentative).