Our Team

Rob van Eekeren

Initiator, founder.

Retired KLM captain Rob van Eekeren graduated in aviation science at the Royal Netherlands Air Force military academy. He flew fighters, was instructor and staff officer. After his military career he joined Schiphol Airport as duty inspector and airside manager.

During his whole flying career, Rob was active in improving flight safety, especially wildlife hazard and runway safety. He worked with the Flight Safety Foundation, Eurocontrol, the FAA, EASA and ICAO in various working groups dealing with runway safety. He also was for 6 years the elected president of the World Birdstrike Association and worked as training faculty manager and certified trainer on runway safety and wildlife hazard management.  Next to a number of articles published Rob also three scientific publications on safe runway operations.

The King of the Netherlands awarded Rob in 2018 the honourable title Knight of the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

At present, Rob is aviation expert for the European Commission, EASA rule-making group member and Director of Safe-Runway GmbH consultancy.  

Wim Ovaa

As its founder, Wim is responsible for the overall management and growth of Ciconia Aviation. He graduated from Delft University of Technology with a degree in aeronautical engineering.

Wim’s professional career started in the Product Support department at Airbus. After working for the Dutch NAA, he became SAFA program coordinator at the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). He successfully transferred this program (now called EU Ramp Inspection program) to EASA. Subsequently, for SGI Aviation, Wim developed a consultancy and training business in the field of aviation safety regulations, mainly working for NAAs. In his spare time Wim enjoys aviation in all its forms, building new business, meeting new people, maintaining business relationships, and driving his old English sports car.

Albert de Hoon

Albert de Hoon holds a MSc degree in Landscape Ecology and Spatial Planning. He works since 1998 for the Dutch military and civil aviation in multiple roles on the subject of bird/wildlife hazard management and other nature, environment and spatial planning topics. He co-founded the World Birdstrike Association and ran the secretary for 6 years. Furthermore, he is custodian of the NATO WHM program, member of the ICAO WHM Expert Group, organizer of the Dutch Bird Strike Committee and world wide WHM trainer. In all these topics, Albert likes to connect people and initiate alliances for the benefit of flight safety.

Our organization

As a start-up are not all desired functions filled yet. If you are interested in one of the following positions, please


Initial set-up IPACT

Associated trainers

Associated trainers are registered and accepted as being up to the IPACT standard. We are currently developing a train-the-trainers program. A trainer enjoys the benefits of submitting and sales of their trainings.

Associated SME’s

Associated specialists are registered and accepted as a specific topic specialist by the IPACT standard. A SME enjoys the benefits of submitting and sales of their modules.


Reviewers and peers can be registered trainers or SME’s. As reviewer you will review specific modules or courses as submitted by others. Additional you’ll play a vital role in the course and module development process.

Quality Assurance



The support staff supports trainers and SME’s.

In line with growth are we continously expanding with Peers, Reviewers and more.