In principle all areas related to aviation compliance and which contain an added value for clients are welcome. In order to assure compliance each course / module ends with a test. Successfully completed modules lead to an IPACT certificate of accomplishment. This could be used for showing to your authority that your staff is compliant.


The first module or first part of a module introduces the subject and is complementary. Additional and more detailed modules are available after subscribing. Modules end with a multiple choice test and when passed leads to a certificate of accomplishment.

You only pay for what you get. Customers pay only for your ordered number of module certificates, which are available for a (small) fee, which may vary per subject (typically between € 19.90 -€ 29.90) .

Specific discounts are available for larger groups and when all modules of a complete course are ordered at once. Discounts are additive. Please refer to the specific module / course for price details. You may also request a specific offer.

Subject area’s

The following general area’s are envisioned (alphabetical order); some items may overlap.

  • Aerodrome operations
  • Aircraft operations
  • Air navigation service 
  • Authority , Oversight
  • Environment, Sustainability
  • Drone (s) operation
  • Human performance
  • Military
  • Manufacturer, Industry, Construction, Maintenance
  • Safety, Security
  • Training, Education, Consultancy
  • Other (TBD)

Course principles

Course lay-out

A short course introduction (teaser) of about 2 minutes, provides a general idea what the topic will be and why it is important for the client. More comprehensive courses have often a complementary first module (10-15 minutes). Courses or modules are completed with a test, fulfilling compliance there and when needed.

  • Introduction (free)
  • Course Modules
  • Test

Course set-up

  • A complete course consists of multiple modules with possible subparts.
  • Modules contain a test; successful completion leads to a certificate.

Certificate. Customers are provided with a certificate of accomplishment for those subscribed participants who have successfully completed the related test(s).

Single topics

A single topic deals with a specific item; Often related to a subject of an expert (SME). These will also never be longer than 20 minutes. Multiple singles would normally add up to a short course. A single topic module also contains a test.