Course development process

Three step process


Step 1 (information)

  1. Register as trainer / expert (click here)
  2. Provide an initial training proposal (clickhere)
  3. IPACT team reviews the initial proposal and your credentials.
  4. Provide details of your course module proposal. (click here). (password protected)
  5. IPACT subject specialists review your proposal.

Step 2 (product development)

  1. You will be offered a project contract.
  2. Develop the module / course in accordance with IPACT standard. Adequate guidelines with expert help are available.
  3. The final product is reviewed by the IPACT Quality Assurance team

Step 3 (sales and aftermath)

  1. After approval, is the product securely published and promoted.
  2. For every module sold receives the trainer / SME automatically a generous %
  3. Continuous improvement process.

Flowchart of Cours development process